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The Route to Killarney - and Beyond

Boaters traveling from the Bustard Islands in Georgian Bay to Killarney and the North Channel have two options. They can use the outside, open water route, or the narrow, shallow, but beautiful route through Collins Inlet. We chose the latter and were not disappointed. The route meandered around sheer granite cliffs on both sides, with turns so tight a larger boat could not have gone through.

Collins Inlet

Emerging from the Inlet, we arrived in Killarney and docked for the night next to a seaplane at the Killarney Mountain Lodge, a family-friendly resort that is home to the world's largest paddle. The 110-foot-long paddle was built by Mike Ranta, an ardent Canadian canoeist who has traversed Canada by solo canoe - twice.

Killarney Mountain Lodge

The World's Largest Paddle

Killarney serves as a gateway to Lake Huron’s North Channel. Bounded by Manitoulin Island on the south and Ontario's mainland on the north, the Channel extends 120 miles west to Michigan and Lake Superior and has some of the most beautiful freshwater cruising in the world. Many boaters anchor out there and use their dinghies to explore the islands. My broken foot precluded these activities, so we spent a morning with a fishing guide and Charles caught one very expensive Northern Pike.

The Day's Catch

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Jul 23, 2022

So sorry about your foot! Thankful it has not stopped you from traveling! Love your blog! Ruth Ridgway

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