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Mount Vernon

Our side trip up the Potomac continued with an early morning stop at Mount Vernon before the cruise ships and tourists arrived. The rhododendrons, dogwoods, and redbuds were in full bloom as we climbed the steep path from the river to the house. Despite many prior visits, seeing Washington's tomb and farm overlooking the Potomac made us pause once again with gratitude for his leadership and humility. After the Revolutionary War, there were many who wanted to crown Washington king of our newly independent nation for life, but he refused to serve more than two terms as our first president, retiring graciously to his beloved home on the hilltop.

Washington's Tomb, Mount Vernon

Adagio at Mount Vernon Docks

Sharing a Visionary's View - Washington's Potomac

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Apr 23, 2022

How fabulous to arrive at Mt. Vernon at the dock! We're enjoying your voyage. Leslie

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