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Key West- Home of Authors and Presidents

Our stay in Key West included visits to Ernest Hemingway's home and President Harry Truman's Little White House. When he wasn't drinking or fishing, Hemingway wrote over 70% of his books in the study below . He had 58 six-toed cats whose descendants still roam his home in Key West like the feline sleeping on Hemingway's bed below.

The U.S. Navy constructed The Truman Little White House in 1890 to house naval officers.

Truman spent 175 days of his presidency in the house, working on projects such as the rebuilding of Europe after World War II, the Palestine question, Civil Rights legislation,

and labor disputes. Visitors over the years have included Thomas Edison as well as presidents Taft, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.

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Feb 06, 2022

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience with us. It is a gift. Safe travels! We miss you


Feb 06, 2022

Living through the blog!!! Loving the updates!


Feb 05, 2022

Wish we were there with you snowbirds! You look like you are having a wonderful time! Smiles all around. I can picture you four dancing at the sunset festival today. Drink a margarita toast to all of us forlorn landlubbers. It is very cold in Jackson.

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