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Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

From Annapolis Adagio cruised to Haver de Grace, Maryland on the far northern shore of Chesapeake Bay and then east through the 14-mile Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal to Delaware City at the top of Delaware Bay. The original canal was dug by hand between 1804 and 1829 and boats were pulled through its locks by horses. Over time it was widened and lowered to sea level to allow passage of large cargo ships from Philadelphia to Baltimore, cutting shipping distances by almost 300 miles and establishing Baltimore as a major port city. Today the C&D is among the busiest but least known canals in the US.

Bridge Over C&D Canal (one of 6)

Bad weather in Delaware City provided an opportunity to explore the Brandywine River Valley near Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware for several days. In 1802, E. I. DuPont immigrated from France to found a gunpowder factory on the banks of the Brandywine. Over time the DuPont family became very wealthy, building several lavish estates in the area and dominating the small state of Delaware with its progeny. With fellow Loopers from Houston, we toured Longwood Gardens, built by Pierre DuPont, where we admired stunning gardens celebrated by huge, lighted fountain shows several times daily.

With Pat and Sam Crowder (M/V Dashaway) at Longwood Gardens

Festival of Fountains, Longwood Gardens

Continued bad weather failed to dampen our spirits as we welcomed aboard Jackson friend, Ben Walton, for an impromptu visit and tour of Henri DuPont’s home, Winterthur, now a museum open to the public. The home’s vast gardens were beautiful and gave me renewed strength to re-do my grandmother’s iris bed when I get home. Anyone know a good gardener?

Winterthur, Delaware

Ben Walton, Delaware City, Delaware

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Jun 19, 2022

Kay & Charles - It was a pleasure meeting you at Wagner Winery yesterday. We wish you fair waters and wonderful adventures. Kay, I will keep you in my prayers for good news in Syracuse.

Dolce Vita

Kathleen & Tony Quaranta


May 18, 2022

Ben had the BEST time with you! Love your adventure!


Leslie Bingham
Leslie Bingham
May 18, 2022

Did you mention gardener?!?🤣

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