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Charleston Rendezvous

With passengers Cynthia and Hugh Parker still aboard, Charleston provided the perfect venue to see our Jackson choir director and South Carolina native, Reagan Lord, and friends Nora Frances and Vaughan McRae. Together we enjoyed touring the city and visiting Charleston's City Market where plantation wares were brought in to sell during earlier times.

Cynthia was able to arrange a private tour for us at Drayton Hall, one of the most remarkable homes in North America and the earliest and finest example of Palladian architecture in the United States. Built c. 1738, the house was owned by seven generations of the Drayton family until 1974 and is the only colonial-era home in Charleston that survived both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars in its original state. Cynthia's grandmother was a Drayton from New England and used to visit the house in the summers as a child. The grandchildren would pencil their advancing height on the door facing each summer, and we were delighted to find the measurements are still there.

Drayton Hall

Cynthia Searching for Height Measurements

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Apr 05, 2022

What a treat and what a great group !!! Love finding the height measurements :). Elise


Apr 04, 2022

Music to my ears! All sounds so fascinating and wonderful!!

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