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Bahamian Fun Facts (more answers)

3. Bitter Guana Cay, aka Iguana Island, is home to an endangered species of Bahamian Rock Iguanas.

4. The Queen's Staircase is a walkway of 66 steps extending 102 feet below ground in Nassau. It was carved out of solid limestone rock by Bahamian slaves between 1793 and 1794 to create an escape route for the British from Fort Fincastle above. The stairway is a major landmark of Nassau.

5. Pig Island in the Exumas is home to the famous "swimming pigs" of the Bahamas.

6.Mississippi State graduate and billionaire founder of GeoSouthern Energy George Bishop

stopped at Chub Cay for fuel on his yacht and decided to buy the island, private club and marina.

7. Queen Victoria freed the Bahamian slaves in 1838, about one year after taking the crown.

8.The Bahamas gained independence from Britain in 1973.

9.Government buildings are pink, police stations are green, and schools are yellow.

10.Thunderball Grotto off Staniel Cay in the Bahamas is an impressive underwater cave system full of exotic marine life, bright colored coral, tunnels and unique entrances and interior spaces. It was the film sight for the 1963 James Bond film Thunderball, as well as Never Say Never in 1983, Splash starring Tom Hanks, and Into the Blue.

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Mar 01, 2022



Mar 01, 2022

This is just so fascinating!! Thanks for sharing! hh

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