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Atlantic City to New York

While Kay returned to Jackson for a weekend baby shower, Adagio and Dashaway, our Houston friends' boat, found a weather window to cruise south down the Delaware Bay, around the southern tip of Cape May, New Jersey, and then north up the Atlantic coast to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Seizing the window, the two boats cruised for two days with Captain Charles sailing solo without his crew for the first time. A heavy blanket of fog along the Jersey coast kept Charles' eyes glued to his Navionics software and Dashaway just a few hundred feet ahead for the entire trip (Time for another G&T). Kay rejoined the group in time for a stroll down Atlantic City's boardwalk which is now lined with familiar casino names. We left at first opportunity to cruise to New York City where we look forward to seeing friends and family for several days.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City Skyline

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