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America's Venice

The "Venice of America" is more than just a sobriquet on Ft. Lauderdale's city seal. It's the perfect moniker for over 165 miles of inland waterways that lace together the neighborhoods that native "Laudies" call home. We enjoyed a boat tour of the city while waiting for Adagio's propeller shaft to be repaired. From the mega homes on Millionaires' Row to the finger canals that wind past neighborhoods, schools, and businesses, Ft. Lauderdale lives up to its name.

Water Gondola on New River

Water gondolas, taxis, tour boats, and private vessels ferry passengers along the beautiful New River, which meanders through the middle of downtown Ft. Lauderdale near Las Olas Boulevard. The River even accommodates transit of mega yachts, but these must be guided through the narrow channel by local towboats for insurance purposes.

The Iconic, Mint-Green Riverside Hotel, Built in 1936

There's nothing like local knowledge to enhance one's visit to a new city, and we were delighted to reconnect with native Laudie, Diane Scully, whom we hosted 40 years ago at our home in Dallas. Diane is a great ambassador for her hometown and gave us a fun insider tour. Thanks, Diane!

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